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Does Metamask Protect me from Coronavirus?

Metamasks filters have been laboratory tested and proven to effectively capture 99%+ of all bacteria, viruses and pathogens at .1+ microns. While we make no medical claims or guarantees, wearing an air-tight facemask is recommended by all leading authorities to prevent or reduce the risk of infection.

What SIZE MetaMask should I order?

The filtering efficiency of a mask depends on the proper fit. This is why we offer Metamasks in 6 sizes. Use the Sizing Chart above to determine the correct size based on your face shape. In general, Medium size typically fits women and Large to X-Large fit men. Smaller faces, teens of age 9 and above will wear a Small, for kids of age 3 to 9 we have 2 special sizes, small and medium.

How do I CLEAN/WASH my MetaMask?

For Replaceable Filter masks, simply remove both filters (from left & right sides), then hand-wash’ with natural detergent or washing liquid in lukewarm water. You can also add activated oils such as tea-tree, eucalyptus or lavender oil to disinfect the fabric. Simply fill a container with lukewarm water, add soap/oil, submerge mask and agitate by hand, rubbing with a light brush or rough cloth to remove stubborn stains or smells etc. After 30 mins, remove mask and pat / lightly wring dry and place in the sun and breeze. Do not machine wash or dry as this may distort the shape (replaceable styles) or clog the nanofilter with capture dirt, impurities and minerals in the water and be even less effective (embedded filter styles).


NOTE: We cannot advise on cleaning procedures for Coronavirus, please search online for information.

How to wash your Face Mask

What is the LIFE of my Metamask?

Our ‘embedded filter’ Metamask is effective for up to 200 hours (appx 2 months of regular/daily use) depending on air conditions. As the nanofilter becomes full of particulates, you will notice more resistance while breathing, which is an indication you need to replace the mask. 

Here is a chart showing recommended hours of usage.


How do I change the FILTER of my Metamask?

We offer two variations of Metamasks – Embedded Filter which may be used for up to 200 hours (and cannot be replaced) and Replaceable Filter masks which can be replaced multiple times when filters require changing. 

Is MetaMask suitable for people with SENSITIVE skin?

MetaMasks are antibacterial & hypoallergenic, so can be safely used by anyone with pulmonary weakness such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and chemical sensitivity. MetaMask offers styles with organic cotton and with natural base plant dyes. The protective qualities of cotton fiber help reduce bacteria that thrive on clothing and human skin, which in other masks can cause unpleasant odors over time.

How do I avoid the ear loops bending my EARS forward?

Ear loops can be adjusted for a perfect fit by pulling the lower and upper straps through the latex rubber bead to seal the mask on your face and prevent air-leakage. Watch our instruction video below.

Fitting your Face Mask

Is it normal to feel resistance when inhaling through a mask?

Metamasks are highly breathable while capturing most airborne pollutants, however, as the nano filter collects particles there may be some resistance to air-flow over time. If you find breathing through your mask difficult, try lightly hand-washing as described, drying in the sun and breeze, or replace your mask with a new one. 

What makes a MetaMask better than other masks?

MetaMask is the world's only air pollution facemask that combines natural, organic and sustainable textiles with an exclusive nano-coco-carbon matrix filter for maximum breathability and protection. Other masks are often poorly designed, uncomfortable, ineffective and ugly. Metamask filters capture most toxic airborne pollution including dust, ash, smoke, exhaust, fumes, pollen, molds, bacteria and pathogens. In addition, Metamasks are extremely comfortable and highly fashionable for style-conscious citizens.

What is Nanofibre Technology?

Nanofibers are incredibly small fibres – one thousand times thinner than a human hair. Nanofibers form spiderweb-like structures which have an advantage over conventional or even natural fibres due to their incredibly large surface area and tiny pore size. This combination means maximum airflow and particle capture than other synthetic or natural filters, achieving greater efficiency down to 0.3 microns. Metamask features a custom-engineered nano-coco-carbon fibre filter produced by Revolution Fibres in New Zealand.

Why can’t I use a cheaper surgical mask to protect myself?

Surgical masks are designed to protect the environment and others from the wearer, whereas an air pollution mask should protect the wearer from the environment. In general surgical masks offer very little if any protection. If you want maximum protection from air pollution, buy a Metamask.

Can I wear a mask with a beard? 

Any facial hair can potentially cause air leakage, thus reducing the effectiveness of the mask. Metamask is the only mask on the market that features a stretchable chin-wrap to effectively seal the mask on your face, even with facial hair. 

Why doesn’t Metamask use an exhale valve? 

Metamasks, due to their superior and efficient nano filter technology have outstanding breathability and therefore do not need to exhale valve, however, when practicing sport activities like running, a mask with an exhale valve might be better.

In these times of Coronavirus, the purpose of masks is to keep respiratory droplets from reaching others to aid with source control. Masks with one-way valves or vents allow exhaled air to be expelled out through holes in the material.  This can allow exhaled respiratory droplets to reach others and potentially spread viruses. Therefore, CDC does not recommend using masks or if they have an exhalation valve or vent.

Are MetaMasks tested or certified by a recognised agency?

Metamasks have been tested and certified by Nelson Labs, the world's leading Independent Testing Authority and EU certified. The results of our newest 3rd Generation nano filters have just been released by Nelson in June 2020. Downloads latest testing of 
Viral Filtration Efficiency - Bacterial Filtration Efficiency - Latex Particle Challenge_2

How do I fit and adjust my Metamask?

Please watch the videos below and read the instructions provided with your new mask.

Replacing Filter

Returns, Exchanges, Refund

Respiratory masks are personal items which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned. Masks will be replaced only if defective in materials or construction. Please consider your order carefully before placing it.  Once an order has shipped we do not accept returns for any reason unless (as explained above) it is found defective.